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webofstarwars: A Starry Wars Night by Matthew Trupia If you...


A Starry Wars Night by Matthew Trupia

If you like this one, also check out some other Star Wars themed Starry Night art.

posted on Sat, 18 Jul 2015 15:41:49 -0700

Looking good never looked so goodFencing mask painted by...

Looking good never looked so good

Fencing mask painted by mikaspace

Photograph by tatterhood

posted on Wed, 24 Jun 2015 15:52:59 -0700

theartofanimation: Gary Laib  - ...


Gary Laib  -  -

posted on Sat, 20 Jun 2015 19:52:19 -0700

ursulavernon: Rabbitform after Kawase Hasui So I spent most of...


Rabbitform after Kawase Hasui

So I spent most of yesterday ogling the work of the master artist Kawase Hasui, who was declared a national treasure for reasons that are really freakin’ obvious if you look at his work.

(Seriously, go google him. I’ll wait.)

He did beautiful portraits of an urbanizing Japan. I am in awe. Each one looks like the background for a glorious movie, possibly by Studio Ghibli, but seriously, SOMEBODY make movies set on those.

Awe in me tends to lead to homage, and I have nothing more suited to put into such a piece than the odd little spirits that occasionally show up in my work. I still don’t quite know where they belong.

This is a view the field in front of the house, which is currently overrun with Queen Anne’s Lace, and the spirit is a little more akin to the Chatham Rabbit, which was once famous, than to the desert jackrabbits I usually paint. My local spirits are small and I do not always know what they want, but sometimes I feel them there nonetheless.

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victoriousvocabulary: RUSALKA [noun] Slavic mythology:...




Slavic mythology: (plural: rusalki or rusalky) a female ghost, water nymph, succubus, or mermaid-like demon that dwelt in a waterway. According to most traditions, the rusalki were fish-women, who lived at the bottom of rivers. In the middle of the night, they would walk out to the bank and dance in meadows. If they saw handsome men, they would fascinate them with songs and dancing, mesmerise them, then lead them away to the river floor to their death.

[Tobias Kwan]

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ArtRage 4 - ArtRage

ArtRage 4 - ArtRage:


ArtRage 4 is 50% off for the Steam Summer Sale!

Grab the full desktop program for Windows or Mac OSX directly from or from Steam.

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I saw your script example in the answer for past tense/present tense script question, and it got me wondering. How much description is too much in a script, and how much is too little?

There’s no right answer here. It depends on the writer. Alan Moore’s are famously novels. John Wagner’s are famously exciting telegrams.  It also depends on the artist that you’re writing for. Some will respond to a detailed script style well. Some will find it suffocating. 

A guideline may be that the script should include everything the artist needs to know. It’s telling that on the scripts for both WATCHMEN and FROM HELL you can see where Gibbons and Campbell went through it with a highlighter, marking out the key details. Here’s a bit of Watchmen…


As such, the things which need to be in an image.

What is the image? What is the importance to the story. What does the artist need to know?

In a real way, the “what does the artist need to know?” is the core question. Any less than that and you’re not going to be getting the story on the page. There’s some scripts where an artist needs to know a lot. There’s some times that Dredd On Bike is all that’s required. In Vader scripts I have panels where I’ve got paragraphs of talking about how a world works and its sci-fi detailling, and others where it’s VADER, SILENT.

All scripts are different. My line is that scripts are like love letters. They’re written to one person, and trying to inspire and communicate them. Like love letters, they’re personal to the person you’re writing for.

posted on Fri, 12 Jun 2015 15:15:25 -0700

qinni: Now that Tumblr’s video player finally works, I wanted...


Now that Tumblr’s video player finally works, I wanted to upload this here. (This HD player’s surprisingly good quality) This was my short film that I spent forever on. Please don’t remove my credits, thanks~! 

My dA | Instagram | Tumblr

here’s a step-by-step process of how I put this together

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stephanie-hans: the cover of Angela Witch Hunter 3 is a tribute...


the cover of Angela Witch Hunter 3 is a tribute to Giovanni Baglione’s painting “Sacred Love Versus Profane Love“ as well as a love declaration from me to Caravagism in general. follow the link to find a lot of informations about Caravaggio and his followers

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asylum-art:Bailey Henderson Sculpts Mythological  Beasts Based...


Bailey Henderson Sculpts Mythological  Beasts Based Off Illustrations In Medieval Maps

An avid enthusiast of mythology and cartography, Toronto-based artist Bailey Henderson sculpts the fearsome sea creatures depicted on medieval and Renaissance-era maps. She brings her bronze sculptures to life with acrylic paint and powdered pigment, creating dimensional versions of the mythical beasts sailors once feared. There’s Ziphius, a bird-faced orca rumored to slice boats in half with its dorsal fin; the cockatrice, a rooster-dragon known to kill by breathing on its victims; and the pinniped, a dog-like seal with protruding tusks. Henderson’s work is often whimsical and humorous, and brings with it a bit of history that makes it all the more fascinating.

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Another doodle of my favourite spiky potato, this time done in...

Another doodle of my favourite spiky potato, this time done in ArtRage for Android.

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