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I'm an artist, an aspie, and a craftsperson. I got hooked on drawing, painting, and making stuff as a toddler and I've been doing it ever since. The internet has been my primary means of communication for making friends and keeping in touch with family since the mid-nineties, and my website was originally created to share some of my work with those who asked to see it. It's grown over the years into a sort of online portfolio that's open to the public, so this page is a bit of an intro for those of you I've never met :)

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Before the internet enabled me to connect with people of similar interests and disposition, the art and craft supplies that surrounded me seemed so much easier to deal with than other people (okay, still do - people are unpredictable :P), and much of my youth was spent ensconced in my room, engaged in artistic pursuits of one kind or another. I decided to become an animator around the time I made the sad discovery that one can not, in fact, grow up to be a cartoon character, and with that distant goal in mind, I took art classes on and off from about the age of seven. Somewhere along the line, though, I figured out that I'm much better suited to doing single finished images rather than rough gesture drawings of characters in motion, and when I was finally kicked out of the Hartford Art School, it was with a BFA in drawing...and no idea what to do with it.


While I can and do use programs like Photoshop and Illustrator, I tend to be more drawn to media that have a natural sort of texture to them. If I have access to some kind of studio space, I like to work in graphite, charcoal, conte crayon, oil paint, and watercolour. These days, my medium of choice is artrage studio pro, which allows me to achieve similar effects without having to worry about staining the carpet. I have a Wacom tablet and a MacBook with a second display set up to mimic the way I work with physical media: palettes and tools on one screen, and "canvas" on the other.


I'm on the autistic spectrum, which, in my case, more or less means I have the personality of a cat. It's an intrinsic part of who I am, and like any way of being, it has both benefits and drawbacks. The way that my brain handles sensory input and processes information can make it very difficult to communicate, particularly through speech. It also allows me to perceive details and find beauty in places that others often miss; I can easily see the patterns of light and shade that are so cruicial in observational drawing; I can lose myself in the pure enjoyment of a pleasant scent or texture...it's not easy being different, but I wouldn't trade it for 'normalcy'. I am very much in favour of neurodiversity; autism, add, dyslexia, and other variations in 'wiring' are not defects to be corrected just because they differ from the perceived norm.

When I'm not making art, I enjoy things like reading, sewing, baking, yoga, and taking walks in scenic places. I'm still an animation fan, and I spend a lot of time on the internet. I'm sensitive to noise and quickly become overwhelmed in crowded areas, so chatrooms and discussion forums take the place of parties and bars for meeting and hanging out with friends. As a geek from a family of geeks, I've found this not only helps to avoid triggering my sensory issues, but it's the best way to find others who share my sometimes obscure special interests *g*

terms of use

Artwork on this site is licensed under a creative commons attribution-noncommercial-noderivs 3.0 unported license and may be freely shared under the terms of that license. In other words, if you're not charging money, go ahead and use my art, just be sure to give me credit and link back to my site. Also, please don't alter the images in any way except proportional resizing. No artwork on this site may be used for any commercial purpose without an explicit grant of rights. Displaying my work on a site where you accept donations for free content is ok; including it in a book (electronic or printed) that you charge money for requires publishing rights.

commission info:

I am currently available to take commissions!

I love stories, and I'm particularly interested in collaborating with independent authors. If you have an original story that you'd like me to illustrate, I encourage you to participate in the crowdfunded illustration project that I run on Dreamwidth and LiveJournal.

If you have another idea for something you'd like me to draw, please contact me by , or send me a message through any of the services linked on the right. I take prompts of all kinds, from short phrases to detailed descriptions complete with stylistic and compositional notes (though I don't guarantee that my vision will match yours.) You are welcome to send reference pictures, but I won't do exact copies of copyrighted images.

I work in ArtRage Studio Pro, for a natural media look without the mess :) That means I don't ship original artwork, but I can make prints available through Imagekind, if you would like a physical copy.

As a rough guide, the prices for A4 or similar size, 300dpi (print resolution) complete scenes (with one-few character(s) doing something in an environment):

  • $75 - monochrome, continuous tone (chalk/pencil tool) drawing
  • $100 - one colour line-art (ink pen tool, stippling/crosshatch style shading)
  • $150 - full colour image

Smaller and simpler images, such as icons, spot illustrations, or portraits from exact photo reference will, of course, cost less, and I can be flexible on pricing for personal projects that don't need reproduction rights, so let me know if you're on a budget!

I accept payment via PayPal, and generally ask that you pay half the agreed upon price when you approve the sketch, and the other half before I send a high-rez version of the finished piece. My fee for commercial use of my work may include ongoing royalty payments.

about this site

I think I was about 14 or 15 when I first started learning HTML with Netscape Composer, and I've lost track of how many versions of this site there have been since my first attempt, hosted on the now defunct Geocities. After years of hopping around between increasingly ad-infested free servers, I registered this domain name in 2003, and moved to qualserv networks, where I've been ever since. :) This latest iteration is my first attempt at programming beyond simple php includes, and was written with PHP/MySql and smarty templates.